Blame It On The Bucky - World Premier Tour

Blame It On The Bucky - World Premier Tour

In this wild and uproarious comedy farce, we find ourselves in a small Scottish town, on the morning of Granny’s funeral. What should be a sombre affair turns into a hilarious series of mishaps when the Dad Archie Mcluckie and son in law Mark accidentally lose track of Grannies corpse due to the fact they were intoxicated on the tonic wine the night before. 

Tensions rise when Archie’s wife Sandra and heavily pregnant daughter Michelle discover the traumatic trouble the men have got them in to. Dubious memories of the night before and a trail of destruction are the only clues they have to poor Granny’s sudden disappearance. With the funeral just hours away, the furious women help the men wrestle with their hazy recollections to try and unlock the secret to the corpse’s location. 

To complicate matters further, Michelle’s pregnancy is reaching peak, adding pressure for a swift resolution and an extra dose of chaos! The clock is ticking and the frantic search for Granny’s remains becomes an increasingly hilarious race against time. 

Against a backdrop of zany misunderstandings, mistaken identities and absurd situations, our quirky characters navigate through, narrow escapes, slapstick mishaps and side-splitting Scottish banter. 

Blame it on the Bucky will deliver belly laughs throughout as well as a few heartwarming moments, ultimately reminding us that even in the face of undeniable insanity…Love and laughter can heal even the most traumatic of family experiences. 

From the producer who brought you “Singin’ I’m no a Billy SHES a Tim. 

Blame it on the Bucky. Over 16s Only.  

Written and Produced by Jerry Taylor. 

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